Based on local

We prepare hearty meals based on locally grown vegetables, rice, miso, and fresh mountain water, and incorporate seasonal and local products such as spring wild vegetables and Shinshu salmon. Please also enjoy "Engi" sake and "Shiga Kogen Beer" brewed by Tamamura Honten, which is also the root of our hotel, as well as wines produced in neighboring municipalities!

Why our water
tastes so good

Many of our customers likes our "delicious water". Ichinose mainly uses fresh water that gushes out from between the rocks of "Soko Shimizu" on the trail leading to Mt.Iwasuge. During the busy winter season, this is not enough, so water is drawn from the ''Alaita strem'' further into the mountain to replenish the water supply.

The water is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium and has a slightly bitter taste that is very good for the body. The reason for its delicious taste is that the limpid mountain water is used almost as it is. This water is also the basis for our cooking.

Good sake brewed
with water from
Shiga Kogen

Tamamura Honten, located at the foot of Shiga Kogen, has long brewed sake as a sake brewer established in 1805, but in 2004 the eighth generation, Mr.Eigo Sato, began brewing beer. It is most fortunate that sake brewed with spring water from Shiga Kogen can be enjoyed at Shiga Kogen.

"Shiga Kogen Beer" brewed by Tamamura Honten
"Engi" Sake by Tamamura Honten
Shinshu Takayama Winery
Local Wine
“Yamabushi” Beer by Tamamura Honten

In addition, there are many small wineries in neighboring cities, towns, and villages that brew a wide variety of wines. These local sakes go well with the flavors of the region.